Dear Quinn,

I wanted to express my thanks to you for the work you have done in recent weeks and to make you aware of how pleased I am with the results.

Over many years I have had a range of treatments designed to solve a number of physical restrictions and to remove a range of painful restrictions.    Whilst some improvements were temporarily provided with Osteopathy, Chiropractice, Physiopherapy, Acupuncture, Chinese Cupping, etc., I have never obtained the relief that has been achieved with your Myofascial Alignment Technique.

The undoubted range and depth of your knowledge and abilities impressed me greatly.  Your commitment to long-term improvements together with your willingness to transfer knowledge has given me confidence that I now have the tools to maintain a long-term approach to my own health management.   I never thought that I would achieve this at the age of 68 years.

Whether it is in the area of identification of the physical cause of problems, the appropriate exercise to correct problems, aspects of diet and general impacts of well-being I firmly believe that you provide a holistic approach to treatment and I am confident of the long-term benefits I will achieve.

Once again, many thanks for your professional approach and whilst I do not expect to need a repeat of treatment, I feel that I may benefit from further work in due course to provide me with the opportunity to develop further aspects of my general fitness, possibly with my golf scores in mind.

Best Wishes



I have struggled with lower back pain for almost 20 years.  Things got worse after giving birth to two children and taking up regular running. At this point the back pain extended to hip and joint pain too. I have seen doctors, chiropractors and physiotherapists all with the goal of managing and easing the pain.

After not having any improvement and getting frustrated with the pain, I started attending yoga with the lovely Susie from Yoga, Health and Healing to focus on strengthening my core and back. I fell in love with practice and found it helped enormously, and with the added benefit of the wonders it did for my mental health. I now treasure my Monday nights and the opportunity to ‘escape the world’ for 90 minutes whilst improving my strength and flexibility at the same time.

However although my back pain was not as frequent, it did still flare up from time to time and whilst at yoga one night, I had a particularly bad episode and could hardly move into any of the poses. After seeing my discomfort, the lovely Susie asked for Quinn to see me. Quinn very quickly assessed that my overall posture was out of alignment and this was creating strain through my back and hips.

I booked into a follow up session with Quinn where he taught me about myofascial alignment and the issues causing my pain in easy to understand language. It made perfect sense that the constant strain my back was under was due to a weak core, muscles, and incorrect posture. I had never had this explained to me before with physicians only really focused on treating my symptoms and not the cause. I finally felt relief and empowered that I could do something to fix the pain for good rather than just treating it once it flared up.

I followed up with fortnightly sessions with Quinn where he took me through various exercises and stretches to help strengthen my entire body and ensure correct postural alignment. What I loved about my sessions with Quinn was how easy he made it to remember (through a yoga flow type sequence) and his focus on correct technique. I was also amazed at what a workout it was. After one hour I felt sore in every muscle! I now follow the routine and stretching most mornings and have noticed a considerable improvement in my back pain and posture. I am much more aware and mindful throughout the day of how I carry my body. I also follow Quinn’s routine before every run and no longer have any back pain or joint pain in the days following.

I highly recommend both Quinn and Susie for anyone looking to improve their health, mind, posture, strength, flexibility, and optimizing the body to allow it to function the way it should.



Quinn’s individual sessions helped me to recognise and remedy some of the pitfalls of years of poor posture. Quinn is extremely knowledgeable of the mind-body connection and he provides fascinating, logical insights into things that may be ailing you. Quinn provides a very comprehensive treatment and if you have any aches or pains he will iron them out with ease for you. Quinn’s massages are beyond amazing.



In October 2009 I was injured in a workplace accident. I suffered a Crush Injury from a Concrete Pump.

Injuries sustained included :

* Broken sternum

* Eight Broken ribs

* Punctured lung

* Collapsed lung

* Air pocket between lung & lining of chest

* Torn ligament from ribcage under right arm

* Right shoulder partially dislocated

* Two damaged spinal vertebra between shoulder blades

* Torn / bruised diaphragm

* Right forearm crushed below elbow

* Concrete slurry to eyes

* Other bruising

I spent two painful weeks in the Mount Hospital Cardio Thorasics Ward. They told me that including the injuries to my arm, eyes, cuts, torn ligaments, vertebrae, shoulder and punctured lung, that the damage to my chest/ribcage alone was the equivalent to that of a seventy year old that had received quadruple bypass surgery but worse as it was not surgical & neat but ripped & crushed.

I pushed pretty hard to get released from hospital and then had to push to get a clearance to start rehab, after a couple of weeks out of hospital I started doing Physio 2 to 3 times a week, Re-hab therapies twice a week and also started swimming & bike riding twice a week. I finally got a clearance to resume light duties in May 2010. Then resumed normal working duties in October 2010 even though I was still suffering with shoulder, back, neck and chest pain.

At Easter in 2011 I got bitten by a mozzie and became pretty crook. The effects from this where : Fatigue , No strength, Chronic Joint pain , Muscle pain , Back pain , Headaches , Poor sleep , escalating to severe nerve pain.

I got an official diagnosis of Barmah Forrest Virus in July 2012. Between the initial injuries to this point I was prescribed Panadiene Forte. Tramadol . Endep . Mobic/Voltaren . Mertrazapine. Pantoprazole.

In April 2014 I was finally referred to a chronic Pain Specialist. By this point I had Back ,Chest , Shoulder and Muscle pain, Chronic Fatigue , No strength , Poor sleep & Irritable Bowel, Pins & Needles in my hands and feet & to the front of my thighs, Chronic / Severe Nerve Pain to my Knees and ankles, Severe nerve pain to my Forearms, hands & feet.

At one point I was taking eight to ten tablets in the morning with brekky and more thru out the day. If I had to go to work then taking up to 6 more pain killers just to be able to function & work in less pain, then I would come home and crash.

This was my normal (which is far from normal). Long term its debilitating and effects every part of your life, you just don’t realize it.

End of May 2015 I read an article on yoga and some other treatments so I rang Susie about it then spoke to Quinn. I went to see Quinn with an open mind and no unreal expectations,

Quinn takes the time to answer all your questions so you have a better knowledge and understanding, and then provides  tools to implement change.

From July 2015 to July 2016 I attended once a week (occasionally twice when required) the Remedial Movement  program.

I No longer have any chronic / severe Nerve pain , Joint pain or Muscular pain.

I No longer have irritable bowel.

I No longer suffering debilitating headaches

I Have decreased general muscle pain.

I Have decreased Back pain.

I have Decreased pins & needles ( I have nerve damage from old injuries)

I Have increased & range of movement thru shoulders, neck, back and chest

I Have increased strength and general flexibility.

I No longer suffering with chronic fatigue.

Sleeping has improved.

Whilst sceptical at first that these treatments could rid me of chronic pain and I could be drug free, I can only go on the results achieved so far and will continue to see Quinn and apply what I’ve learnt. I am fitter, healthier and happier than I’ve been in a long time and highly recommend you go see Quinn.